Scout Trooper & Grogu in Bag Holiday Figure SW Black Series F5307

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Scout Trooper’s Holiday Hijinks with Grogu in Tow! This Festive Duo is Ready for Mischief!

Celebrate the season with a twist! The Star Wars The Black Series Scout Trooper (Holiday Edition) and Grogu in Holiday-Themed Bag is here to bring some unexpected cheer (and maybe a few blaster shots) to your holiday collection.

This isn’t your average Scout Trooper. This one’s traded his usual tan armor for a festive makeover, complete with:

  • Candy cane-striped helmet: This Trooper’s got holiday cheer on his mind, even if it involves recon missions with a side of carols.
  • Gingerbread-inspired chest plate: Watch out for cookie crumbs – this Scout has a sweet tooth under that helmet!
  • Glittering accents: This Trooper isn’t just festive, he’s fabulous! His armor shines brighter than a Christmas star.

But don’t be fooled by the sugar plum charm. This Scout still means business. He’s fully articulated, so you can pose him:

  • Guarding the Empire’s gingerbread cookie stash, ready to blast anyone who dares steal a treat.
  • Caroling with Darth Vader, slightly off-key but full of holiday spirit.
  • Having a snowball fight with a Wookiee, using his speeder bike for a tactical advantage.

And he’s not alone! This Scout comes with his trusty Grogu in a festive-themed bag, ready for his own holiday adventures. Imagine Grogu peeking out of the bag, munching on a candy cane lightsaber, or hitching a ride on the Scout’s speeder bike for a whirlwind Christmas chase.

This Holiday Edition duo is more than just figures; they’re a gateway to a galaxy of hilarious holiday-themed Star Wars stories:

  • Picture them decorating the Death Star with tinsel and lights, much to the Emperor’s dismay.
  • Imagine them on a secret mission to deliver presents to Rebel bases, spreading cheer even in the midst of conflict.
  • Have them team up with a festive Mandalorian to build a snowman shaped like Boba Fett, complete with a carrot blaster.

This exclusive set is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans and collectors who love a bit of unexpected holiday fun. It’s sure to be the life of the party on your shelf and a guaranteed conversation starter.

Order yours today and let the Scout Trooper and Grogu’s unique brand of holiday cheer invade your collection!

Product Features:

  • Star Wars The Black Series Scout Trooper (Holiday Edition) and Grogu in Holiday-Themed Bag Multicolored Collectable Action Figure
  • 6-inch-scale Scout Trooper figure and Grogu figure
  • Premium detail and multiple points of articulation
  • Festive holiday-themed deco
  • Includes blaster accessory
  • Ages 4 and up

May your holidays be filled with blaster fire, gingerbread crumbs, and enough Scout Trooper and Grogu mischief to make even the Emperor smile (maybe).

Scout Trooper & Grogu in Bag Holiday Figure SW Black Series F5307
Last updated on 06/08/2024 11:14 PM
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