Wookiee & Bogling Toys Halloween SW Black Series Figure

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Embrace the Wookiee way this Halloween with the Star Wars Black Series Wookiee (Halloween Edition) figure! This furry friend isn’t just ready to rip through Imperial droids, he’s here to spread holiday cheer (and maybe a few candy corn wrappers) with a festive twist.

This isn’t your average Chewbacca. This Wookiee’s traded his usual bandolier for a Halloween makeover, complete with:

  • Pumpkin-orange camtono safe and chest strap: Watch out for candy corn crumbs – this Wookiee has a sweet tooth under that fur!

But don’t underestimate his holiday spirit. This Wookiee is fully articulated so you can pose him.

And he’s not alone! This special Halloween Edition figure comes with a mischievous Bogling pal, dressed up in its own little ghost costume. Together, they’re a hilarious duo ready to spread cheer (or maybe a few Wookiee-sized scares) throughout your Star Wars collection.

This Halloween Wookiee is more than just a figure; it’s a gateway to a galaxy of hilarious holiday-themed Star Wars stories.

This exclusive Halloween Edition Wookiee is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans and collectors who love a bit of unexpected holiday fun. It’s sure to be the life of the party on your shelf and a guaranteed conversation starter.

Order yours today and let the Wookiee and his Bogling pal invade your collection with their unique brand of holiday cheer (and maybe a few Wookiee roars)!

Product Features:

  • Star Wars Black Series Wookiee (Halloween Edition) Action Figure
  • 6-inch-scale collectible figure
  • Premium detail and multiple points of articulation
  • Festive Halloween-themed deco
  • Includes ghost-costume Bogling companion
  • Ages 4 and up

May your Halloween be filled with Wookiee howls and enough holiday spirit to make even the most stoic Sith Lord crack a smile (maybe).

Wookiee & Bogling Toys Halloween SW Black Series Figure
Last updated on 06/08/2024 10:35 PM
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